Solving the Curiosities Within

Before you enter the shop and encounter all of the surprises it holds, you may wish to read the following advice.

Hints to solving the puzzle for each item in the store (each level) can be anywhere on the page, in the picture, or in the source (right-click, choose View Source or View Page Source; or select View Source from the browser's top menu). Source hints will usually be of a more technical nature.

Any image credit you see is exactly that, and not a part of any puzzle or level solution. As for the page layout, this riddle is best experienced at 1024 by 768 or higher resolution, but it is still playable at a lower resolution.

You will need a program that can work with images; since built-in image editing programs can be very limited, you might want to have another editor to supplement. You might find a printer helpful every now and then, but it will never be required.

Early on, you will find Mr. Cross's journal. Sometimes it will give you just the hint that you need, and other times it will merely offer commentary. Hints from the journal are in what you see; you will never need to look in the source of a journal page or do any manipulation of the journal picture. 

Another constant companion of yours will be the radio. Like the journal, sometimes it will be essential to your solving efforts, and other times it will simply provide atmosphere. Use the player controls to play the audio and to stop it. If for any reason you cannot listen to the sound, click the picture of the radio to read a transcript or a description of what the radio is playing. No level will ever require you to manipulate the audio file, so you do not need to download it.


Cross's Curiosities is the second online riddle from archerhawk, who made her riddle debut with Riddling Park, released in April 2008. To discuss the shop and its wonders (please do not post answers, page URLs, or significant clues from the pages), or to offer feedback, please drop by the forums of or the forums of GamersHood.